Peter Hain visited Awel Aman Tawe's today and welcomed a new project launched by Sian Rhys Williams, AAT's Energy Efficiency Advisor. If a household's central heating system in the Upper Amman and Swansea Valley breaks down, AAT can lend them electric radiators until their central heating is fixed.

Peter Hain said "This is an excellent initiative. AAT is in a position to respond quickly if households are cold due their heating breaking down. They will come out and do a survey first and then loan the oil heaters the same day."

Sian explained "The idea came out of a project that Communities First supported in Lower Brynaman and Tairgwaith. We visited every house in both villages. When we went to Mr Lenny's house in Lower Brynaman, he explained that his heating had broken down and his family were going to be spending Christmas in the cold. Communities First responded straightaway and we got the heaters the same day for Mr Lenny. Now we are offering the same service across the area."

Peter Hain, "I note that Age Concern estimate that 21,800 pensioners across England and Wales died last winter due to the cold weather. I want to see local people taking advantage of Awel Aman Tawe's energy efficiency service. It will save money and keep people warm."