The EDUcan

As well as visiting schools the EDUcan visits fates, fairs and community events such as ‘Into the Future’ festival in Llanelli Millenium Park and on the Friends of the Earth tour around Wales. The project is empowering communities to take local steps for global change.

The EDUcan is powered by solar and wind energy, and consists of six Photovoltaic (PV) panels and a small wind turbine. It also houses an inverter and batteries to store the energy created. It has the capacity to power musical equipment and a P.A system at an open air event where no power source is available. We have been approached by a member of Cerys Mathew’s (lead singer of Catatonia) team about using the energy unit to power their open air event in Brecon.      

The energy unit also has highly successful renewable energy education equipment, i.e. Kits displaying hydrogen fuel cell technology, solar powered torch, radio, lantern and cooker, and turbine making kits. Examples of hot water solar panels are mounted on the inner wall, acting illustrative models that allow students and visitors to better understand the technologies. In addition there are several different kinds of examples of energy efficiency insulation, which are environmentally friendly; insulation made from sheep’s wool (Thermafleece) Flax, insulation made from old recycled yellow pages (Warmcell), and another made from recycled glass bottles (Instafibre). These materials help pupils to think of alternative materials, understand how simple and easy alternative types of insulation are to make and to use, and can be compared to existing non renewable insulation such as ‘Rockwool’. In addition, the EDUcan is towed by a vegetable oil powered car, The Veggie Car, which can be demonstrated and integrated into the educational project.

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