Create a postcard of the future!

What's the future going to look like? How would you like it to be? Send us a postcard showing what you imagine it could look in 10, 20, 50, 100 or more years time...

You could use collage, photography, drawing, printing, sewing, what ever you fancy - and send it to us with a message from the future on the back.

We will be exhibiting them all next February and the best six postcards will be printed up as a set.

Have a look at our Postcards from the Future blog to see some of the postcards that have been sent in.

Send your postcard to

Postcards from the Future
Awel Aman Tawe
76-78 Heol Gwilym

Remember to enclose your name and contact details so we can let you know about the exhibition, and whether yours has been chosen for the final set!


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