Energy Efficiency in the Amman and Upper Swansea Valley


Awel Aman Tawe's Energy Efficiency Advisors work with community groups, local businesses and householders to raise awareness of energy efficiency measures and increase the take-up of available grants. The project covers the Upper Amman and Upper Swansea Valley.

Detailed Description

The Energy Efficiency Advisors liaise with the Councils' Energy Managers, Energy Advice Centres, utility companies and local organisations to promote energy efficient measures such as low-energy light bulbs, loft insulation, thermostatic radiator valves, timing devices and other measures to reduce electricity consumption. As well as dealing with the fabric and heating of a building, people will be encouraged to change the way they live. Simple measures such as closing curtains at dusk, opening the door of a sunny room, and placing reflective material behind radiators all contribute to energy saving.

Many people in the area qualify for the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HEES) and the utility companies Energy Efficiency Commitment funding (EEC). These target low-income households, households with disabled members, chronically sick, elderly people and young children. The target villages contain a high proportion of such households in relation to the national average. Energy efficiency measures can reduce household annual fuel bills by up to £250/year and reduce the area's carbon dioxide emissions.

Measures to publicise Awel Aman Tawe's work include a leaflet to every household in the target area explaining the project and identifying the grants to which householders may be entitled and other 'low-cost, no-cost' measures which can be taken to reduce heating bills. Information is also sent to community groups, schools, businesses, chapels etc. The Advisors visit individual households in order to assist them to fill in grant forms. The priority will be on supporting practical measures which can reduce the householders' costs in the target areas. Educational work to raise awareness of energy efficiency measures is also undertaken with local schools and community groups.

The project will also assist Neath Port Talbot and Carmarthenshire Councils in reaching their Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA), Fuel Poverty and Environmental Strategy targets through increasing the uptake of home energy efficiency measures. The government has set councils the aim of cutting CO² emissions by 20% by 2007.

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