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Awel Aman Tawe obtained funding to support local people to insulate their homes with Thermafleece, a high quality natural insulation product made from sheep’s wool. Awel Aman Tawe is promoting Thermafleece with the support of the Energy Savings Trust Innovation Programme.

Benefits of thermafleece:  

  • Effective in all climates: because of its ability to rapidly absorb and release water vapour, Thermafleece wool insulation can help keep a building cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Stops the rot!:Thermafleece, being hygroscopic, can absorb and desorb water vapour without compromising its thermal efficiency. It is therefore ideal for use in roofs and in timber framed walls designed to avoid a damaging build-up of moisture by allowing water vapour to migrate through the structure.
  • 100% recyclable:At the end of its useful life, Thermafleece can be recycled for other environmentally friendly applications. Thermafleece contains no permethrin, pryethroids or pesticides. Wool is a natural fibre from a fully renewable resource consequently the life cycle of the product has an ideal energy balance.This product takes only a fraction of the energy to produce compared with the glass fibre alternative
  • Easy and safe to install: Unlike fibreglass sheep’s wool insulation is non-irritant and installers do not require protective clothing. The insulation comes in easy to handle batts.
  • BBA approved: The product has gone on to achieve British Board of Agrément (BBA) approval.


For more information on Thermafleece click here.

Brynamman Cinema has received grant funding of £10,462 thanks for the help of Awel Aman Tawe. The grants were awarded for an insulating product "Thermafleece" which is an environmentally friendly product used for loft insulation and which is made from sheep's wool.

The grant funding was made up from the Community Chest Capital Scheme 2003/04, a Carmarthenshire County Council & European Objective 1 Funded Programme and from the lottery funded grants programme "Awards for All Wales".

Wool a natural fibre from a fully renewable resource has worked for Welsh Mountain sheep for years. People and local groups who use the hall will notice the improvement in temperature in the hall over the Christmas period.

Mr. Brian Harris who helps to manage the hall stated

"The difference in the temperature is tremendous, in the evenings we have to turn off the heat 2 hours sooner than we did before the insulation was put in and the cinema stays warm well into the following day."

This natural breathable material is also easy to install with no problems with skin irritation or inhalation of harmful substances. Local farmers will also be pleased to hear that they will benefit not only from the added comfort created whilst watching movies at Brynamman Cinema but also through the creation of a new market for this sustainable product.

If you need more information about insulation or energy efficiency please call Awel Aman Tawe.

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