What is Thermafleece?

Thermafleece is a natural home insulation material developed by Second Nature UK Ltd using the blended wool of British sheep (including Welsh sheep). Because Thermafleece is breathable, it can absorb moisture with no loss of thermal efficiency, which is one reason why it is so effective at keeping your house warm in winter.

You can use Thermafleece as loft insulation or for some cavity wall insulation. Thermafleece is harmless and can be installed without gloves or protective clothing. It has a no discomfort to site workers during installation. Any fibres which happen to reach the living space will present no hazard to health. The necessary insect proofing and fire resistance rating is achieved by the inclusion of naturally derived additives. Thermafleece has now been registered with the British Board of Agreement (BBA). BBA is the certification body used by the government to ensure building materials are safe and comply with building regulations.

Thermafleece is ideal for use in both new-buildings and refurbishment projects. It offers the customer an alternative environmental and technical specification and can be used in a wide variety of roof, wall and floor construction.

Best of all, the production of Thermafleece takes a fraction of the energy required to produce glass fibre insulation.Thermafleece is completely safe to handle and will remain effective for the life of the building and then is biodegradable and recyclable.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 27 October 2015 15:29)